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ICANN Has Released New Global Top Level Domain Extensions

(Loosely Grouped List)

In 2014, ICANN has released a plethora of new global Top Level Domain (gTLD) extensions for public consumption. Many of the extensions are holding certain generic words in reserve, as unavailable. In other extensions, the same word might be considered a premium name requiring a considerably higher registration fee.

We have scrambled to register some of our marks and brand names, so we have to wonder if ICANN is cashing in on all the corporations, small businesses and entrepenuers out there looking to keep a name, mark or brand secure. They certainly had us racing to register some new names before they were snapped-up by someone else.

There are so many extensions, it is intended to give someone looking for a decent domain name or brand more options. And although that will certainly be the case, those of us with brands to protect need to reinforce that brand and avoid getting our names hijacked, as well.

Once you have chosen the new domain name extension(s) from the list below that would best represent and/or protect your brand name(s), go to the 'Domain Names > Register Domains' link and enter your chosen name and the selected gTLD extension in the search field (in the form brandname.extension - i.e.:, then hit enter or click/press "GO" to see if that name is available.

Note: The search function at the server address has been updated to reflect this ability to search all legit domain extensions as well, on 8/20/2014.

Below is the current list of gTLD extensions released by ICANN that are currently in play. There are some extensions that currently have an issue. Those domains have been taken offline and the current ICANN Era Extensions Alphabetical List reflects the offline domain names. Special Domain Name Services is currently addressing this issue and we are posting updates on this issue in our News section.

(Note: Loosely grouped list. Also available alphabetized: New ICANN gTLDs alphabetized list)

New ICANN Era gTLD Extensions

.extension (suggested use possibilities) registration availability?

(Note: Loosely grouped list. Also available alphabetized: New ICANN gTLDs alphabetized list)

As you can see, it would be pretty hard to corner a certain name in every market. But certainly we should cover our brand names in their relevant markets.

Please note that ICANN intends to roll-out over a thousand of these new 'ICANN Era' domain names, so be sure check back for new extensions as they arrive and the list is updated.


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New ICANN gTLD registries (a-z)
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