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Welcome to Domain Hostmaster, a business internet technologies company that enables and enhances online businesses, professionals, and novices experience getting online with excellent competitive prices, less cross-selling, friendly service and even better support.
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.COM Top Level Domains Only About $10.99*; While .NET*, .US or .CA TLDs are Only $11.99
(*Plus current ICANN Fee)

We are still trying to offer the lowest prices on 'TLD' (Top Level Domain) names. We have managed to keep the .COM TLDs at $10.99; unfortunately, our upstream TLD (Top Level Domain) & ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) name provider has increased the prices of almost every domain extension, so that they have joined the ranks of the previously increased .NET & .ORG TLD name extension prices. The .COM domain extension does still remain a bargain, along with .COMPANY & .BUSINESS name extensions. This has happened thanks to corporate greed by the supplying registries (as well as ICANN) alongside changes made by our upstream TLD registration provider to our own abilities to set prices competitively (we don't like it, either). However, we do sometimes run special deals on different domain extensions when possible, and we are only trying to eek out a meager 0.5% profit. Unfortunately, the upstream provider seems to round every sale price up to the next $##.99 cents for some odd reason and we have lost control over setting the prices of individual products, completely. Therefore, our prices simply reflect the lowest we are permitted to go. See the regular price chart to the right for our prices on some of the the main TLDs & ccTLDs that we offer. We actually have quite a few of the new 'ICANN Era' added domain extensions, just check out the extensions listed in gray text to the right. Plus, we are bulk registration and bulk transfer friendly.


New ICANN Global Top Level Domain Extensions Available!

We not only support the registration of global Top Level Domain extensions (.com/.net/.org/.biz/.me/.info, etc.), but we also support country code domain extensions (.us/.ws/.tv/.co/.de/, etc.) as well as the new global TLD extensions recently released by ICANN to allow small business to register good names (.company/.services/.solutions/.tools/.tips are only 5 of a long list of new domain name extensions available). An incomplete list is in the right hand column of this page, and is mirrored on the nTLDs list page, but new TLD extensions are added all the time. Of course, you can always choose from the elder gTLD extensions, or see the current country code extensions offered. We would be happy to assist in making your best choice in your preferred domain name.


Risk-Free Domain Transfers!

Transfer a domain in from another registrar and get a year extension, starting at $8.99 for a .COM domain. Other Top Level Domains (TLDs) transfer in for about $12 to $14 (+/-).


Private Registrations

Protect yourself from spam, fraud, stalkers and worse by keeping your name, address, email and phone number private. Private domain registration is available after your domain name choice selection just prior to checkout and are extremely affordable!


Plenty of Free Extras with Each Domain Name

Each and every domain name registration or transfer sold comes with freebies: Free Domain Forwarding/Masking, Free Change of Registration, Free Domain Name Locking, Free Domain Status Change Alerts, Free Parked Page, & Free Total DNS Control.


Web Hosting is Available, But...

Although we do offer web hosting solutions, our upstream provider is no longer supporting free email accounts that most any good web host will provide with a web hosting account purchase. Therefore, we no longer recommend our own hosting packages, though we continue to offer sales and support for our cPanel hosting, Plesk hosting, business hosting for those that do require them. We do also offer Managed WordPress, but the support hasn't lived up to our expectations, and the Website Builder also leaves a lot to be desired (please note: Managed WordPress & Website Builder packages are hosted).


Dedicated Web Servers

Luckily, the web servers are still quite good, so you can still add a dedicated web server and there are a variety of options still available.


Online Webmaster Tools and Software

Domain Hostmaster also offers some easy-to-use Webmaster tools and software which are also available to secure and market your website. However, we now recommend that our customers seek out a different web hosting/server solution than those that we provide. Our recommendations are HD Web Hosting, Site Host Pros, or Site Hostmaster. we will continue to support our customers on this platform, especially since the price of domains is still highly competitive in the industry and we, among many others make extensive use of domains in branding and marketing, but we will be moving over to these other platforms that offer better web hosting and servers


Take advantage of our Low Domain Name Registration Prices & Host Your Website Elsewhere if You Choose...

Our Free Total DNS Control allows you to registrar your domain name with us to take advantage of our low website name registration pricing and advanced domain management controls while signing up with multiple any domain web hosting provider such as HD Web Hosting, Site Host Pros, or Site Hostmaster who all offer web hosting plans with free email mailboxes, free email aliases, each with free anti-spam support available. Please note that HD Web Hosting, Site Host Pros & Site Hostmaster are properties of our parent company, Symbiotic Design, in this same Symbiotic Technologies network.
As of October, 2022 Domain Hostmaster can no longer offer our traditional email mailboxes and have been pigeon-holed into offering microsux platform exchange mailing boxes that we do not feel meet the need of almost anyone, and encourage users to use a web hosting or server solution from a much better platform that includes free email mailboxes as is a common and traditional part of their web hosting plan. We do apologize, but way too much greed has seeped into this industry and are taking advantage of literally everyone, even us, we don't want this kind of stuff, either.

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