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Domain Hostmaster™ was formerly satrted as: SD Website Domains™

Thank you for visiting Domain Hostmaster. Since January of 2003 we have been offering the best values in Domains and web sevices available anywhere, backed by great management tools and valuable, dedicated support. All Domains are discounted to bargain prices and we are bulk registration and transfer friendly.

We are not just a domain name registration service, we are also a web host, a Managed WordPress solutions partner and internet technologies marketing company. Domain Hostmaster offers a complete line of the best products and services available on the net. These include software and online tools such as website builders, traffic tools, e-commerce shopping carts, Starfield SSL security certificates, merchant accounts, and more.

Who we are:
Originally, we started out as a division of Symbiotic Design™, a small international internet technologies company and design studio. This was once known as SD Website Domains™, and offered hosting through the design studio. We now market ourselves as Domain Hostmaster™.

Symbiotic Design has grown, too. Now an intellectual property and branding company, Symbiotic Design remains the parent company focused on brand education, consulting, management, speculation, creation, investment, development, protection and marketing.

Symbiotic Design makes you look great so that they can look good off in the shadows, somewhere.

It is Symbiotic Design's focus on the brand that has allowed us to prosper, because we do sell at rock bottom prices without the 'cposs selling' web spam and without the relentless nagging sales email spam, which makes Domain Hostmaster a premium internet name registration and web server solutions provider choice for serious professionals such as web designers & developers, search optimizers, online marketers, brand speculators, domainers, webmasters, site owners & administrators.

Understanding that just because you can exploit technology to weaponize sales does not mean that you should, and Symbiotic Technologies™ has stepped in and taken the reigns of our technology partnerships with the same philosophy, professional services at a decent price without the spam, backed by excellent support.

Meanwhile, Wild West Domains has been absorbed into the GoDaddy brand, which has proven to be a ridiculous and costly mistake for its marketing partnerships. This tragedy has required that Symbiotic Technologies go out and develop new parterships that were as strong, initially, as the Wild West Domain sales partnerships were for quite a long time.

Some of these new sales partnerships allow us to fill holes in lapses of GoDaddy brand services, including developing the Domainance™ registration, and technology sales brand in order to cover the registration of domain registrar extensions dropped by GoDaddy, such as .name, which we take a particular interest in, the Uniregistry domains (.audio .blackfriday .christmas .click .diet .flowers .game .gift .guitars .help .hiphop .hiv .hosting .iuegos .link .lol .mom .photo .pics .property .sexy .tattoo), and a variety other tools and features not available otherwise here because GoDaddy is now so involved as a provider.

Domain Hostmaster is only one technology site of many, as everyone wants and needs, or specific things require other different things. Some people require a Windows host, we offer that. We specialize in Managed WordPressand offer many top-of-line hosting products. We have excellent prices on domain names that are backed with an awesome selection of the New ICANN Era gTLD (global Top Level Domain) name extensions/registries.

Together with Symbiotic Technologies, under the brand marketing leadership of Symbiotic Design, we have become a total web presence solutions company providing you with the best possible services, products and online tools for running your business online.

Our expertise is in our professionalism. And if your company grows so that you feel you should get a W3 (WorldWide Web) technologies & services bulk purchase power discount, we offer that ability through our reseller hosting platform at W3 Domains & Networks™ at W3DN™ reseller platform.

ICANN Accreditation:
Domain Hostmaster™ is still a Wild West Domains™ reseller. Wild West Domains is the ICANN Accredited Registrar of record for domain registrations. W3 Domains & Networks (aka W3 Domain Names™) uses the Wild West Domains registrar server, whom and is an ICANN accredited wholesale top level Domain Name registrar. This partnership allows us to bring you extremely competitive pricing on top notch Domain Name registration and transfer services. We are confident that you will be pleased, we know we are (after being taken for a ride by other registrars).

Though your Domain Registrar is the wholesaler Wild West, you manage your account completely through the Domain Hostmaster website. By partnering with W3 Domains & Networks, we can offer Domain Names, budget web hosting, superior merchant accounts, and other online tools such as DIY site builders and traffic tools, at incredible prices while offering you the personal attention in support and services that only a small company with a vested interest in your success can provide.

Valuable, Dedicated Support:
Should any problem ever arise, our tech support team is available 24 hours per day, every day of the year at:


We are also experimenting with a toll-free support number that is only posted in limited places to see if it helps business. This number is only good in the USA & Canada:

+1-800-588-8281 (US & CA)


Website and Login Access:
You may access the Domain Hostmaster registration & servers site storefront as (with or without the www. subdommain preceeding it). Because this is the official, securely encrypted & Starfield Technologies verified domain, we are no longer using or publicising alias domains.

To access the Domain Hostmaster Login/Create Account Screen:

You will always be able to get to this screen through our menu system, and 'My Account' links available on the Domain Hostmaster website, but for shortcuts to it...


Secure Registrar Server Address:'s a pretty long url, so we are setting up a redirect to that address at:


Your Personal Information Is Not Shared:
Please do remember to keep your personal information up-to-date. We will not compromise your security by sharing or selling your personal information, it is used for our internal network, only. Obviously, the registrar, Wild West Domains, and the registry of the domain name extension will have to be provided your personal contact info for registration and adminstration purposes. Any and all available mailing lists offered at Domain Hostmaster are extremely low volume Newsletters that require a user to choose to receive it by "opting-in" to request the subscription, and then verifying their decision to receive the newsletter at the email address given. Newsletter subscriptions can also be cancelled at any time easily via a link at the end of the newsletter, or from within your account.

More Than Just Domain Names:
We have everything you need for a complete e-commerce capable website at truly bargain prices. Through our partnership with PayQuake, we can offer you the finest merchant accounts available anywhere. This website uses PayQuake as it's payment processing solution and we are ecstatic with this service.

Our Parent Company:
Aside from selling Domains Names at bargain prices with outstanding Domain Name management controls, Domain tools, hosting and website related tools at Domain Hostmaster, our parent company, Symbiotic Design, also offers moral and ethical brand creation, design, development, management, marketing, promotion and protection services.

The Symbiotic Design team and staff are true total business identity architects and global public image publishers trying to provide you with the very best internet business solutions available anywhere. Plus, we are committed and dedicated to excellence in your service. This Domain Name, website & tools store is an example of that dedication.

We welcome you to contact us at any time regarding your experience at our site. For any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us via an address given below.

Tech Support

Thanks again...

Douglas Peters, the entire Symbiotic Design Team and the Domain Hostmaster Staff.


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